The king of the European men’s water polo!


 Triumph, greatness, pride! Olympiacos emerged as European champion, winning the Final-8 organizer and one of the top and richest teams, Pro Recco (9-7) in the Champions League final in Genoa. The magnitude of success is important making the club supporters and all the Greeks proud. The ‘’Reds’’ celebrated the winning of Champions League having the support of  their fans in the three-day tournament. This was the third European title of the men’s water polo team. 

Pride and glory for the largest European club as it participated in four European finals and won two European trophies this year. 

Key action: 

Both teams were nervous at the beginning of the game. Obradovic scored for 1-0 at 2:41 before the end of the first quarter. Mandic tied for the Italians but Olympiacos replied with the nice attempt of Buslje. 

Pavic was excellent making impressive saves and kept the lead for the ‘’Reds’’. Molina Rios scored while he was in an offside position and Pro Recco equalized again. Gounas gave the lead to Olympiacos but Ivovic brought the game in a draw immediately. Fountoulis exploited the man-up to score but Di Fulvio did 4-4 at the end of the first half. 

Olympiacos was strong in the third quarter and started with two goals by Fountoulis and Dervisis. Pavic continued to impress with his saves but the Italians reacted to tie the game again (6-6). The ‘’Reds’’ went ahead with Genidounias at the end of the quarter. 

The Greek team was the dominant in the last quarter. Pavic was the key player to stop Pro Recco and Fountoulis boosted the margin to three goals (9-6). Αlthough Echenique reduced to 9-7, Olympiacos kept the game under control and celebrated the winning of LEN Champions League. 

Match data:

The quarters: 2-1, 2-3, 3-2, 2-1


1st quarter: 1-0 Obradovic (02;41), 1-1 Mandic (01:10), 2-1 Buslje (00:42)

2nd quarter: 2-2 Molina (05:26), 3-2 Gounas, 3-3 (04:24), 3-3 Ivovic (04:06), 4-3 Fountoulis (03:37), 4-4 DI Fulvio (01:29)

3rd quarter: 5-4 Fountoulis (06:21), 6-4 Dervisis (05:41), 6-5 Di Fulvio (05:04), 6-6 Alesiani (01:06), 7-6 Genidounias (00:47), 

4th quarter: 8-6 Fountoulis (06:00), 9-6 Fountoulis (04:11), 9-7 Echenique (03:15), 


Olympiacos (Thodoris Vlachos): Pavic, Mylonakis, Delakas, Genidounias 1, Fountoulis 4, Nikolaidis, Dervisis 1, Buslje 1, Mourikis, Gounas 1, Argyropoulos, Obradovic 1, Galanopoulos

Pro Recco: Tempesti, Di Fulvio 2, Mandic 1, Alesiani 1, Molina Rios 1, Bodegas, Ivovic 1 Echenique 1, Figari, Filipovic, Alcardi, Gitto, Volarevic



Olympiacos SFP - Pro Recco 9-7 (LEN Champions League Final, Final8 Genova, 09/06/2018)