A draw against Szolnoki!

An exciting game was held in Hungary between Olympiacos and Szolnoki which ended in a draw (9-9). The European Champions was ahead with 8-7 one and half minute before the end and could win the game but Szoknoki overturned the score and led with 9-8. Gounas scored for 9-9 which was the final score. The ‘’Reds’’ took an important result in one of the most difficult swimming pools in the Champions League and continue their European journey aiming to qualify in the final-8 for the fourth consecutive year. 

Key data: 

The periods: 2-2, 2-2, 1-1, 4-4

Szolnoki Dozsa (Zivko Gogic): Nagy, Batori 1, Zalanki 2, Jansik, Szatmari, Aleksic 1, Rasovic 1, Prlainovic 2, Lazic, Kis 1, Teleki 1, Kardos

Olympiacos (Thodoris Vlachos): Pavic, Mylonakis 1, Skoumpakis, Genidounias 3, Fountoulis 2, Nikolaidis, Dervisis, Buslje, Mourikis 1, Gounas 1, Argyropoulos, Obradovic 2, Galanopoulos


The Head coach Thodoris Vlachos stated at olympiacossfp.gr: "It was a very tough match as both teams wanted the victory, especially, Szolnoki played at its home. We had lots of opportunities to win. Despite the bad percentage of the man-ups, we scored lots of goals. We achieved not to lose against a very strong opponent which claims the qualification to the final-8. We have the quality and the character to do that and we proved it today’’. 

Genidounias mentioned: ‘’This match was quite strange. We had the lead but we lost it 3-4 times. We could win but this result is fair. Our opponent needed the points more but finally, this was a positive result for us. We focus on the next games’’.